What is the turnaround time?
Wristbands typically take 2-3 weeks to arrive from the processing date. Wristbands that require special graphic or logo printing may take longer. If you need a rushed delivery, contact us.
Do I have to pay the mould fee each order?
A mould fee is required for each design submitted. For any additional orders using the same design, the mould fee will be free of charge.
What do you mean by 'each design'?
When we say 'each design' we are referring to the text and/or graphics that will be displayed on the wristband. i.e. A customer can order numerous different colours of wristbands using the same mould fee.
Can I put a custom logo or shape on my wristband?
We can put custom logos or shapes on your wristband. A simple logo/shape with one or two colours can be done for free. More complicated logos with more colours will incur fees. Contact us first before ordering to make sure your requested graphic is possible.
How much content can I fit on my wristband?
The amount of content depends font size, font type, band size, and if you have images on your wristband. A good way to check is to open image editing software and create an image that has the dimensions of your wristband size.
What is the wristband size?
The width of the wristbands are either a half inch, 3/4 inch, or full inch. The length is your preference. The standard length for adults is 8 inches, and for kids, it is 7 inches.
How do I know what my wristband will look like?
You can request a free digital proof which will allow you to see the wristband design before production.
How do I pay for the wristbands?
Once you fill out the "Get a Quote" form, we will send you a list of payment options if you are interested. We can take local transactions, check, and credit card payments.
Do I need to pay before ordering?
We require payment prior to processing any order.
How will the wristbands be delivered?
Wristbands can be delivered or picked up if arranged. We can also ship the wristbands to you.
What is your price for 2000+ wristbands?
When you request a quote for 2000 wristbands or more, we will reply with an appropriate rate.
Do you carry any other promotional products?
Yes! Contact us and we will provide you with some of the other promotional products we offer.