Who We Are


half-inchPromoBands began as a high school student based Junior Achievement Company in the fall of 2011. We started off as an accessory company, selling our own “Hashtag’d by PromoBands” line with popular hashtags on our wristbands. These were quite popular, but soon it became evident that there was a demand around our community for their own customized wristbands.

saveONenergyWith our design experience from the hashtag wristbands, as well as the high level of confidence from our manufacturer’s quality, we were ready to take on the challenge in producing custom wristbands. Orders were processed almost instantly from major clients such as Town of Newmarket for their Earth Hour campaign as well as Newmarket Hydro. Sports teams also purchased wristbands to give away as merchandise. PromoBands was well on its way to success.

TheEraTowards the end of the Junior Achievement program, PromoBands began to receive recognition. At the 2012 Junior Achievement Company Program awards banquet, PromoBands took home the “Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award” as the top company in the program across Central Ontario. Members of the team were also recognised, as co-founder Scott Hanson received the prestigious “President of the Year Award”, and co-founder Anthony Nguyen was a finalist for the “Production and Quality Assurance Award of Excellence”. PromoBands was also recognised around the community, as we were published on the front page of our local newspaper- The Era.

PromoBands CEEC Sponsorship

The Junior Achievement company program concluded in April 2012 but with the success that PromoBands in the program, it was inevitable that we would continue and officially register as a Canadian Company in May. Using the invaluable knowledge we gained from the JA program and our mentors, we have been able to successfully continue this company. We continue to provide our sustainable, top quality wristbands to clients large and small, all with the same high satisfaction. PromoBands is currently expanding its line of products to give you even more options for any occasion. We have been actively involved in the community supporting various causes. PromoBands has been a proud sponsor of many causes including the Dunsmuir Dream Foundation, Relay for Life, and Best Buddies, as well as events such as the Queen’s Commerce and Engineering Environmental Conference and Dalhousie’s team for the KinGames.